Mrs. Kamla Vij - Total Knee Replacement

Mrs. Kamala Vij had severe pain in both the knees for last 8 years and her legs were deformed. She was not able to walk even a few steps and she had started gaining weight due to her restricted mobility. The whole family was concerned because of this as it was also worsening her sugar levels and diabetes status. Then she came to meet Prof. Anil Arora. Prof. Anil Arora explained them that she required bilateral knee replacement and the procedure in detail. They were satisfied and convinced about the procedure but she had only concern was pain after the surgery. Prof. Arora assured her that she will not have any pain in her post operative recovery and there will be a special pump used for her with excellent pain control medications.

This gave her confidence and she agreed to have her knees replaced. Mrs. Vij underwent bilateral knee replacements which went pain-free. She had great recovery and now she goes for walk, goes to malls for shopping, drops her grandchildren to bus stops, dances on parties and enjoying her life.

Mrs. Gauri Moitra - Total Knee Replacement

Mrs. Gauri Moitra very happy after the successful knee replacement and she is sharing her experience.

Mrs. Chandrakanta Diwakar - Both Total Knee Replacement by Pinless Computer Navigated technique

Obesity and ortheoarthritis are ideal conditions for failing joints. Mrs. Diwakar was suffering from both till she met Dr. Arora. She is seen here before and after Both Total Knee Replacement by Pinless Computer Navigated technique performed by Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora.