Mr. T.D. Sethi - Pinless Computer Navigated Both Knees Total Replacement

72 years old Mr TD Sethi was very fond of mountaineering and adventure activities till his activities became restricted due to increasing pain in both his knees. Because of the severity of his pain he started walking with a limp. On his friend's recommendation, he met Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora who advised him to undergo Total replacement of both knees. The surgery was successfully performed by Dr. Arora by the Pinless Computer Navigated method yielding outstanding results as evident from this video.

Mr. Abdul Qadir - Total Knee Replacement

Mr. Abdul Qadir, a hilly area patient seen here before and after his Total Knee Replacement performed by Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora.

Ms Monika Aggarwal - Total Hip Joint Replacement

Ms Monika Aggarwal, a young lady was initially managing her family business till her bilateral hip pain started to limit her activities to home as she had severe pain and prominent limp whenever she tried to move. She was unable to get married due to this. She presented herself to Prof Anil Arora because she had lost all hopes of being normal again. She wanted an assurance that her limp will disappear after hip replacement. She is seen here, before her surgery, walking uncomfortably and with a pronounced limp.

With her faith in Dr. Arora's skills, the surgery went exceedingly well. All the fears she had about the surgery and the recovery process really started to go away, once the surgery was over and she started recovering. She has nothing but praises for Dr. Arora because the decision to have the surgery has changed her life and now she doesn't even think about it after her hip replacement performed by Dr. Arora. Today, she is looking forward to getting settled in life. She is seen here sauntering like a gazelle 12 months after her surgery.

Mr. Agha Ali Hussain - Total Knee Replacement

Mr. Agha Ali Hussain, a Saudi Arabian patient, had an active life till his knees started giving him problems to the extent that he was unable to move pain-free till he almost stopped walking. He was advised Total Knee Replacement by Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora. He is seen here walking with great difficulty, when he was admitted to the hospital to undergo his procedure. The patient seen sufficiently recovered one week after his Total Knee Replacement procedure at the competent hands of Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora.

Mr. Alimuddin - Pinless Computer Navigated Total Knee Replacement

Mr. Alimuddin had been facing knee problems for two years till he finally came to Dr. (Prof.) Anil Arora who immediately diagnosed his problem and advised him to undergfo Total Knee Replacement. He is seen here sharing his experience.